Friday, November 12, 2010

Howdy Ho!

Hello to all out there in blogland, I know that it has been a long time:)  I have basically quite blogging for now due to moving and being totally unplugged from the world ( no cell phone, or internet).  This has been a blessing in more ways than I thought, but has resulting in a complete stand still with blogging. So sorry for that, I still hope to put posts on here whenever I am able and have something worthy, but it will be infrequent.  I will also keep adding links whenever I find good ones.  Until next time... Adeu


  1. I wish the modest christian sewing sites would make these to sell. The Muslims dress more like the ladies did in Jesus' day, I've seen them wear dresses like this tunic but ankle length. Maybe the women back in Jesus' time wore a vest type robe over it. Good job on this tunic Becky. God gave you a talent, use it for Him.

    Obeying Christ,
    Laurie W.

  2. I asked a young man who is in our home what he thought of it and he said it centers attention on the woman's chest so if I was to buy it I think I'd like one without the pleats. He thought it drew attention to an immodest area and not to the face as it should. So, since I'm not a man and a man gave an honest opinion I wanted to share that I was wrong. It's the same reason I don't wear tshirts or shirts with even 'scripture' on the chest, same reason. So I think I have a lot more world in me and apologize for going with the crowd of the world and not being discerning about it before but I didn't see...I saw what caught my fancy and thought better than the world but was really not and part of the world. I also upon reflection don't believe the early church would have decorated with any more sewing than plainly needed, such as ruffles and pleats and even the Methodists in the olden days wouldn't accept a woman as a member of His Church if she paraded herself in lace. A lesson learned and one I almost didn't share because I didn't wan to hurt anybody's feelings but at the end of the day if I would not have shared, I may have been denying you the lesson I see and that would have been sinning. Lets search, hear and do God's ways. I hope I wrote this in a way that came to your heart lovingly and encouraging God's ways. I hope we both have peace with God as we obey Him in all things...encouraging each other with the lessons He teaches us. You do have a talent for sewing, if you can do all this fancy sewing, just think of the plain gear you can make! All to the Lord for the Lord, in obedience.

    Kindly meant.