Saturday, December 25, 2010

Super Tunic Pattern

I finally have something new to post, yippee!  I have been looking for a nice super tunic (just an extra long tunic) pattern to make, but I hadn't found a pattern that would look nice with the length added.  Here is the finished product of 5 days worth of ripping and sewing, configuring and brainstorming.  I am really happy with the results, especially since I made the pattern from just looking at a picture!  I don't know if I will ever make another one like it since I had no idea how it turned out the way it did!  True to style, I didn't have any pattern pieces and I didn't write anything down, because I was just sewing and fixing as I went along.  It worked though, so I'm happy with it!

here is the picture that used from


  1. Becky ... you are a sewing master! Great job :) Now come over here and help me with mine ;~)

    Can you post this on the frugal blog too? I think it would be good there.

    Love you all, js

  2. Hey Becky, what is twitle le dee about ? :)

    Good for you on your sewing! How's the fitness journey going? sorry I haven't posted either....