Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yarrow Herbal Bug Spray-Herb Mentor News 53

Here is the newest newsletter from Herb Mentor-HerbMentor News 53: Yarrow Herbal Bug Spray. They use alcohol for the recipe, but I'm sure that vinegar would work just fine. Let me know how this works if you make some.

 I was also going to start my bulk baking series yesterday, but I was up to my neck in pickles:) I canned quite a few and it was my first time doing pickles, so it took most of the day. I am planning on doing a separate post on the whole process for those of you that would like to know How to can pickles in the next few days.

So back to the bulk baking thing... I've been thinking this over and I thought that doing a series on Homemade Convenience foods and mixes would be better instead of a series just on baking, what do you think? I figured that I could do some on baking, some on soups, some on pre-made things like Homemade Riceroni etc, and some on spice and dressing mixes. I am gathering some recipes for this and hope to get them all selected for the post soon. If you make some mixes yourself, what are they, and how has that helped you in your kitchen?

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