Friday, September 11, 2009

New Cookbook and Meal Planning

Since returning to the US, we have really seen the need in our own lives to live and spend as frugally as we can. My husband is working only 4 days a week (and it depends on the weather most of the time since he is a construction worker) and attending Paramedic school for 2 days. We figured that our budget for food weekly comes out to be around 35$. So I have searched all over the internet and have been excited about all that I have found in regards to saving money by using coupons, rebates etc. I hope to add another section to my blog about this in the future when I have tried it and gotten past the "newbie stage". I will also be attending a workshop, and will post about that after we go. I have been looking for good, simple, nutritious cookbooks and have had a real hard time finding one that I would use almost daily. That is until I stubbled onto this at the library. This cookbook is simply put -practical and fun. It has great recipes that are unique and simple. I made one the other morning called "Sausage and Egg gravy over biscuits" and my husband even told his boss about it at work since it was so good (a very rare occasion). It is in a format that works like a meal plan for the whole year! It has cute little ideas for kids like peanut butter playdough and cleaning and kitchen tips that are really useful. Kudos to Penny E. Stone for this cookbook. I plan to buy it and found one on for $ .60. Check it out. Let me know if you have a treasured cookbook that fits all your families needs, I'd love to find more like this one.

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