Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Buried Treasure!

Okay, so how many people that you know use coupons? As for me, I've never even seen anyone use them let alone used one myself. I thought that coupons were just for people that bought alot of junk food and wanted to save a very little bit on that purchase. That is until I found a blog that shows how this lady uses them. I had never in my life heard of people using coupons like this and I thought that it was not possible. That is until I found many more sites ( more than 50) that showed that these people were doing the same thing.

This was like finding buried treasure for me! My family has a budget of $47.50 a week for groceries. That includes perishables and non perishables. Talk about a daunghting task! I found the website Becentsable.net that offers workshops that teach you how to maximize your savings at the store using coupons. I am planning on attending on September 21( I'll blog about what I learned there afterwards). I also found wonderful sites ( I will add them into my sidebar later) that help you learn everything you need to know about couponing, stockpiling( here are some pics of stockpiles), rebates etc...
So lately I have made a major change in lifestyle. I am no longer ignorant to the major stores agenda, and plan to spend as little as need be to get the things we need.
I also found these great sites-Hotcouponworld.com and STL Mommy. They are so helpful and loaded with info that is essential for being a savvy saver. I had no clue of what to do, so I set out to learn as much as I could this past weekend. I read coupons inserts come mainly in the Sunday paper, and that sometimes you could get them for free if they hadn't sold. So I went to every gas station in town to see if I could get any for free and guess what? One place let me have 12 papers worth of inserts!! They said that I could do that every Sunday!! I decided to get alot right from the start, since I read and saw pictures of so many people that stockpile and they get 40 or more a week. I was excited and right away started asking questions on these websites to find out how to use what I had gotten. The first thing they told me to do was to organize them in stacks and then file them away with the name of the certain insert and date. They said not to clip them, but to just file them away and clip when I need a certain coupon. I thought that I would organize it a little bit more and used some sticky tabs to list what coupons I wanted from inside the insert, then I just stuck it right on the front of that insert. This is as far as I have gotten so far, but I will keep posting on this subject since it is completely new to me and I am learning from scratch. Hopefully I can complile a "how to use coupons" once I have gotten my feet a little wet.

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