Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My 3-in-1 Vest Creation

Ever since I had my first son, I have tried to find modest clothing that will fit into these 3 categories: Pre-pregnancy, Pregnancy, and Nursing. I was bothered with having to have separate clothes for during pregnancy, after and nursing. I couldn't really find any that were modest and that didn't squeeze me after the baby was far along, so I decided to start making my own "clothing line" that catered to all 3 stages. I have made a jumper that works for all 3, but these are worn out and I need to make more. It seems that some modest styles are coming back and I have found a few to work with. Here is the pattern that I used for the vest( McCall's M5703) This is the end result: I am definitely not a professional when it comes to sewing, but I like to change just about every pattern I come across to suite what I like. I brought the neck line up a bit and I also added a nursing panel to each side by cutting the middle pleat on the outer edges( on the wrong side)and sewed something that looked kinda like a pocket to each side to keep it discreet and far enough over to reach across the bust. It looks funny on the inside , but hey, it works! I liked it better with a gradual point in the middle, so I trimmed some off the bottom, and I added some side slits to give it a little more room for the pregnancy stage. I thought that this pattern was very easy to work with( except for having to rip it out about 4 times as I wasn't paying attention with which way the pleats had to go:) and I try to look for patterns that can be converted somehow for nursing(i.e. like they have an empire waist or pleats like this one). If any of you ladies have made any of your own 3-in-1 creations or have ideas for some, let me know!

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