Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Becentsable workshop

My dh and I went to the workshop yesturday. In all honesty, I was not that impressed, but I did learn some things and I have more of an idea now of how to get started. We actually missed some of the first part of it due to bad weather, but we got caught up after a little while. Our educator was really good and knowledgable, but I think that the program could be a little more in-depth. They only have a very short time to go over awholelotta information. As I put these things into practice, I'll post about it. I did score 12 more sets of inserts at the gas station that I went to last week, so soon I will have quite a stash of coupons! If any of you are starting out in couponing leave me a comment as to how it is going for you

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