Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Frugal Square Foot Gardening- Update

Well, we ended up moving last week, so I won't be close to my garden this year, but it's at our church, so I can still check up on it twice a week.  I got some picture of the progress of my plants about a week ago and wanted to give an update of how it's doing.  To be quite honest, it is exploding with tomato plants!  My poor pepper plants are getting buried and my zucchini looked like it  had 1. a disease or 2. a lot of happy little insects that have full tummies:)  I'm not sure what it was but it totally rotted out my plant!  Oh well at least I had 1 big nice zucchini from it.  My squash is looking a little sad too, but it's still too early to tell how it will do.  If I gained any knowledge so far from this garden, it is " DO NOT put you plants so close to each other!"  I thought it would work out, but hey, it's a learning experience, and I'm learning what not to do! 
These pictures do not reflect the open space where my poor zucchini plant lived and died:( it only shows it's happier days)

Tomatoes on one of my plants

Lil baby crookneck squash

My green beans, they look a little sorry, don't they?

It's obvious this is my first garden:)  Well, at least I tried!  I don't do pestisides and I don't do measuring, but at least most of my plants are still alive:)

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