Monday, April 20, 2009

4 Days....

My husband left Saturday morning to go on a preaching trip to Mindanao for 4 days. 4 days…. The day before he left, our youngest one was sick with a fever and deep cough. I felt nervous about being here alone with them. I was sick the next day also and it was a little difficult to get through the day with them. I felt better today and was blessed that I had both of them here with me. Our oldest keeps the youngest happy and they spend a lot of the time playing together. I had a visit from one of the brothers’ wives and I realized how much I needed my oldest around when she wanted to take him home with her. I knew that the baby would have a hard time without his bubby. So I was glad when he started to cry when she was about to leave, and he didn’t want to go with her. It has been a long time since I have had time alone with the boys. Since Sister Rose has been with us, it has been difficult to devote a lot of my attention to them. This time with them has made me see how important it is to show them attention in a godly way and that it is my responsibility to show them the Lord through my life and actions toward them.
Wow, what a huge responsibility. Do we mothers even realize how serious it is? Some do not, and their children will bring them shame when they are young and old and most likely go down the road to hell. Are we willing to sacrifice our whole life to minister to our children and raise them in the fear of God? Are we willing to be kind, selfless and understanding when they are sick and cry all day, needing to be held and we get nothing done except throwing together some food (which they don’t want to eat anyways), or when we really want to do something and they want you to talk with them or sit on the floor and play blocks. Is that too much to ask? Sometimes, we feel like it is.
We must be willing to sacrifice everything for our children for their sakes and their souls. We must die on our daily cross when we want time for “me” and the children need it. They truly are like sponges and soak up everything they see, hear, feel and experience. Are they soaking up God and His ways by our example, or are they soaking up a selfish, impatient, and prideful attitude and spirit? I have to admit that I see more of the second example in myself than the first. I need the Lord’s help to show Him to my children, but I have to do my part. This is where the dying is felt in our lives. And if we don’t die to those things that militant against the Lord’s will for our children, we set them up for disaster. Do we see the big picture? Lord, help us to see ourselves clearly and help us to humble ourselves and repent. Amen

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  1. Is He teaching us the same lessons?! I'm so blessed to read your words. I hope you keep writing!