Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products-Homemade Homemaking Part 1

I have been doing a lot of research and learning a lot about herbal and natural products.  I'm not interested in the New- Agey stuff or homeopathic, as I have read lot about these types of alternative medicine/natural practices and think that they are just plain ridiculous or they have some kind of weird "spiritual" foundation or idea.  A long time ago I read this book- A Look at the Facts on Alternative Medicine, and it was very informative.

So I have been looking at natural products and how I can use them to help my family save money and for our health.  I started finding all sorts of neat and cheap ways to use things like vinegar, backing soda, lemon juice etc... around the house and for our bodies.  I was pretty excited as I went through all the information about these types of cleaners and quickly became convinced of their value.  I just wanted to share what I found regarding using natural cleaners.

Here are some benefits of using natural cleaners:

•Less packaging waste. You’re not buying new bottles over and over.

•Less expensive. You probably have some in your kitchen right now, so you wouldn't have to go buy a seperate cleaner

•Less harmful (often not harmful at all) to humans, animals, and the earth.

•Less noxious home smell. Homemade natural cleaners always smell better than store bought. Well, except vinegar, that can be worked around somewhat by using  Lavender essential oil and lemon juice, or I have boiled Cinnamon and let it sit where the smell was strong and "steam" the smell out.
I have gathered a list here of some sites that give information on how to use and make your own Natural Cleaning Products;
I'm sure that there are oodles and oodles of websites out there that you can find, so if you stumble across any that are note worthy, let me know:) If any of you use natural cleaners already, how and for what do you use them, please share in the comments!

 If you are not really interested in making your own cleaners, you can get great natural, non-toxic cleaners from Meleleuca

Most of their products are cheaper than commercial ones you get at you get at your local grocery store and they are do the job well.  I have used the tub and tile cleaner for getting soap scum out of the bathtub, and it works better than Kaboom!


  1. Hi, by way of introduction, I am Joanna's sister-in-law.(Wilbur's sister). I am enjoying this blog very much and all your great links at the side. I will be back lots I am sure.
    I have thought alot about making my own cleaners, but I really like the smell of pine-sol and other cleaners like that. So I never have made my own because I don't want to give up those smells that I associate with clean. But I think that once we get back to the States and I am more desperate to save money. I might begin to make my own cleaners. God bless you as you continue to inspire others to serve in their families. Hannah at homeschoolblogger.com/givealldiligence

  2. Hello Hannah, I have heard some about you from Joanna. Thank you for the comment, I hope that I can be of more help to you in the future:) I know what you mean about cleaning and having that nice "clean" smell after you are done. I have been thinking alot about the everyday products that we use and how harmful they really are. I had read an article a few years back that was talking about the ratio of cancer with women who stay at home, verses women who work and don't come into contact with alot of cleaners. The point was that the women who handled everyday household cleaners had more cases of caner that the other group of women. That got me thinking, so I started looking at all the dangerous chemicals they put into them. That has made me think twice about using toxic cleaners. There are also many ways that you can add fragrance to homemade cleaners like using essential oils, or burning candles etc... Anyways, God Bless